Recommended Equipment

Wood Pin brush

pig hair brush

nylon/pig hair brush

Spratt comb no.71

mini comb

poodle comb

master grooming slicker brush for feet - soft


Many good quality shampoo's for the Coton coat are available I can recommend one or two when you purchase a puppy based on what I believe the coat will require.


  • keep the Coton's coat clean, much easier to brush and avoid tangles.
  • brush a puppy 4-6 x/week it only takes a couple of minutes and will help him adjust to your brushing and handling
  • use a grooming spray (can make your own) everytime you brush
  • brush your dog's teeth



  • use human shampoo
  • brush a Coton's coat that is dry - use a grooming spray
  • forget to brush the feet